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This wiki is dedicated to the DVD9toDVD5 edition of the game conversion program CIUv2.

If you are using the DVD9toDVD5 edition of CIUv2 you will find everything you need right here.

If you have a suggestion to Improve CIUv2 or any other questions that you feel are not answered by this wiki please visit the DVD9toDVD5 Community

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Ultimate Conversion Compressor - Beta Testers Needed

This message is addressed to all team members (admins, core team, converters) of community.

The Ultimate Conversion Compressor (UCC) project needs beta testers to test the latest changes in the script, if you are interested in taking part as a beta tester please contact me privately through PM on DVD9toDVD5 forum or by messaging me directly here on the DVD9toDVD5 wiki through my profile wall messages.

Your help will be much appreciated.

--Vollachr (talk)

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