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You will find all the information you need about using Custom Installer Ultimate V2 (CIUv2) on here, as well as possibly tutorial for other related scripts & software." imagename="" cropposition=""></hero> <mainpage-leftcolumn-start /> {{FBlike}} <gallery type="slider"> UCCLogoSlide.png|UCC V4.1.2|link=Ultimate Conversion Compressor|linktext=Usage Tutorial for UCC by VollachR CIUv2SetupINI.png|Understanding Setup.ini|link=Understanding Setup.ini|linktext=Detailed explanation for the CIUv2 Setup.ini file RegistryISS.png|Working With Registry.iss|link=Registry Values How-To|linktext=A guide to using registry values with your CIUv2 setup SplitterSlide.png|Split/Merge Files|link=Split & Merge Large Files|linktext=A guide for splitting large files & merging them at setup </gallery> =='''Welcome to the DVD9toDVD5 Wiki'''== Welcome to the DVD9toDVD5 Wikia, This wiki is part of [] This wiki was created to replace our old Custom Installer Ultimate V2 (CIUv2) wiki on [ BitBucket]. Here you'll be able to find all you need about using CIUv2. We will also attempt to expand the wiki & possibly include tutorials & information on other CIUv2 related scripts/programs. '''The DVD9toDVD5 Wikia Admins: [[User:Vollachr|VollachR]], [ Fox], [ BAMsE]''' == '''Custom Installer Ultimate Information''' == CIUv2 (Custom Installer Ultimate ver.2) is a powerful INNO Setup script created by yener90. Its history began in 2011 on - one of the online forums dedicated to game conversions. The yener's intent was to create an easy-to-use tool able to create custom installers for repackaged games. That's how the CI (Custom Installer) was created. With the help of many people the project developed quickly, gaining new features and became easier to use. This led to the creation of CIUv2, which was gaining more and more popularity day by day.  CIUv2 consists of multiple files and folders, some are optional and some are not, more on this in the CIUv2 guides linked bellow. To learn more on CIUv2 & it's usage please reade the CIUv2 guides bellow. '''Please note:''' the guides linked bellow are up to date for version of CIUv2. == '''CIUv2 Guides & Materials:''' == * [[Introduction]] * [[Intro To Setup Design]] * [[Understanding Setup.ini]] * [[Redist Settings]] * [[Registry Values How-To]] * [[Split & Merge Large Files|Split/Merge Large Files]] * [[Downloads|Useful/Required Tools]] =='''Other Guides & Materials'''== * [[Ultimate Conversion Compressor|Ultimate Conversion Compressor (UCC) Tutorial]] {{navbox |header=Navigation |body={{Navigation}} }} __NOTOC__ <mainpage-endcolumn /> <mainpage-rightcolumn-start /> {{ProjectDetails |Title = General Information |image = CIUv2LogoHorizontal Small.png |Project = Custom Installer Ultimate V2 |Version = |Creator = Yener90 |Script_editor = BAMsE |Title2 = Translators |Czech = prudislav |Farsi = amin fear |French = REV0 |Hebrew = VollachR |Indonesian = edwinkyr |Polish = BAMsE |Portuguese (BR) = Fabioddq |Romanian = Th3Raven |Russian = Altef_4 |Serbian = Exodius |Spanish = Spawniectes |Turkish = REV0 |Ukrainian = Altef_4 }} <mainpage-endcolumn /> [[Category:DVD9toDVD5]]

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